Idaho Firewise & BLM | Don’t Trash Public Lands Campaign

Advertising, Brand Messaging, Graphic Design, Video

Idaho Firewise & BLM | Don’t Trash Public Lands Campaign

Weirdly enough, some Idahoans dump their trash on public lands instead of hoofing it to the dump. The Idaho office of the BLM spends a massive amount of time and money to remove thousands of pounds of trash each year–harmful items like old fridges, abandoned cars, and tires, all of which endanger wildlife, pollute the environment, and make firefighters’ jobs more dangerous.

We created a billboard, TV, and radio campaign to show the target audience how their pollutin’ ways ruin “what makes Idaho Idaho.” The campaign ran statewide but focused more heavily on the rural areas that tended to see more of the dumping. Several TV stations picked up the story and helped spread the message across the state.

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