Neighborhood All-Stars is a Boise-based creative studio.

When we’re not kicking ass and taking names, we’re taking names and kicking ass. For us, that means creating engaging work for organizations and people who are truly passionate about what they do.


We’re really good at:


Laura Loftus // Creative Director

Laura’s love of letters was born from a childhood schlepping (the seemingly endless) five or so blocks to her neighborhood Bookmobile with armloads of titles like Butterball, Nancy Drew: The Mystery of the 99 Steps, and absolutely everything by Judy Blume. Today, Laura concepts, writes, and edits for client campaigns, websites, social media, and printed collateral. Her diverse background includes creating content for government, nonprofit, health, and financial clients at Neighborhood All-Stars; managing creative services for the Annenberg/CPB Project in Washington, DC; and reporting for the Park City Daily News out of Bowling Green, Ky. She holds a B.A. in English from James Madison University in Virginia.

Email Laura
(208) 869-9508

Toby Robin // Creative Director

Toby is a true artist, passionate about all things visual and weird. Equally adept at designing corporate identities or pushing the envelope for indie playhouses, Toby possesses a unique style and thoughtful perspective that set clients apart. His design and illustration work has been featured in Print Magazine, HOW Magazine, and Communication Arts. You’ll also find his illustration wrapping a Boise City traffic box, on the outside of the Record Exchange in downtown Boise, and on the walls of St. Al’s Pediatrics. He holds a BFA in graphic design from the University of Idaho.

Email Toby
(208) 830-4390

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